Book release for: The Small Plot Beside the Ventriloquist’s Grave


7:30pm – 10:30pm August 23rd @RABBITHOLE Studios

33 Washington Street, Brooklyn, New York

Hosted by

Kate Hill Cantrill and Sock Monkey Press


Matthew Barbehenn, Casey Degnan, Jack Wilson, Kate Hill Cantrill, Sean Degnan, Gary Musisko

Musical Guest

Gary Musisko

Special thanks to

Sean Degnan, Pre-edits
Jim Daniels, Blurb, Letter of Rec.
Kate Hill-Cantrill, Blurb, Emcee
Jack Wilson, Reader
Casey Degnan, Reader
Scott Adkins, Publisher (Sock Monkey Press), Brooklyn Writers Space, Layout
Kathryn Cooperstein, Headshot
Amanda Tiller, Cover art, Layout
Morgan Jesse Lappin, Flap art

The Reader

The Reader (2007-2008), a Brooklyn Writers Space Reading Series Anthology
$15.00 plus tax/shipping (LIMITED copies left)

THE READER is a 411 page collection of voices and characters including gangsters, painters, weirdos, sad sacks, wanderers, musicians, activists, sexual healers, angels, stoners, hammer-wielding madmen, separated twins, and glenn gould that represent the 2007/2008 Brooklyn Writers Space Reading Series. THE READER includes novel excerpts, stories, plays, and screenplays all by the unique writer’s community at the Brooklyn Writers Space.

Contributors to The Reader are: **Paula Bernstein**Andrew Boyd**Donald Breckenridge**Danielle Durkin**Jennifer Cody Epstein**Matt Everett**Paul Feldman**Marian Fontana**Yvonne Garrett**Ezra Goldstein**Sharon Guskin**Drew Haxby**Mark Jacobson**Martin Kleinman**Michael Lazan**Edmund Lee**Marcia Lerner**Lorraine Martindale**Robin Messing**Joan Minieri**Honor Molloy**Rosemary Moore**Wendy Ponte**Dominic Preziosi**Elyse Schein**Martha Schwendener**Josh Sohn**Rachael Stark**Albert Stern**Paul Takeuchi**Alex Tilney**Rachel Urquhart**

Order The Reader 2007-2008 The Reader - 2008 @ $15.00