• Home Front – The Collection by Marty KleinmanHome Front

    Home Front is a collection of short fiction. Each piece is steeped in the lore of 20th century New York City street life that, while harsh if not downright dangerous, is fondly remembered by older and ex-pat NY’ers — and virtually unknown to legions of newcomers. Kleinman takes us on occasional side trips to Belgium, the Hudson Valley, Lithuania, Mississippi and New England. But no matter what the setting, the characters’ roots are indelibly New York City bound. Order direct from SMP below or Amazon/Amazon Kindle. (Retail $15.00, pp 204, ISBN: 978-0-9825041-1-6, paperback, JUNE 2013)

  • Messy Hair by Gretchen Grace

    Two doll pals invite each other to a very proper tea party – but their hair is just too messy. Brushing doesn’t do the trick. What would work? They imagine other solutions – visiting a birdbath or a car wash . . . and then – A-HA! – the winner: a trip to the beauty […]

  • My Apocalypse – edited by Scott AdkinsMy_Apocalypse

    My Apocalypse, edited by Scott Adkins. Adkins asks writers to tell us how they want the world to end. The anthology is an exploration of apocalyptic fascinations from poets, fiction writers, journalists, playwrights, and screenwriters. (Retails for $20.00. ISBN: 978-0-9825041-3-0. Trade paper-back. Published December 21st, 2012. Includes 34 pages of color reproductions of Glen Einbinder’s Dream Cards.)

  • Still Something Rattles by Terence Degnan

    Terence Degnan’s second book of poetry, the limited edition printing of STILL SOMETHING RATTLES, available September 25th, 2016, $39.99US. Encased in a wood sleeve branded by a custom logo designed by Ethan Crenson.

  • SuperLoopSuperLoop

    Nicole Callihan’s debut book of poetry is available (SUPERLOOP, Hardcover with fabric case binding; Sock Monkey Press, Febuary 2014, $19.99US). The cover of the book features art by Re Jin Lee in gold foil stamp on the front and black ink on the back.

  • The Small Plot Beside the Ventriloquist’s Grave by Terence DegnanSmall Plot

    In his debut poetry collection, Degnan dissects religion, government, fatherhood,brotherhood and attempts at collecting and keeping loved ones. His words barrel forward with a lyrical slyness, referencing mythology and long ago worlds while winding together the disparate threads of contemporary American culture. With a rhythmic and powerful beauty, Degnan reminds us that we only imagine ourselves as free. (Retail $15.00, pp 106, ISBN:978-0-9825041-1-2, paperback, August 2012.)