You can now order Terence Degnan’s Still Something Rattles,  a concept book of poems broken into three chapters; Letters From Purgatory, Unicorn, and Rome.

This limited edition is encased by a hand-made, wooden sleeve, and branded by a custom logo representing all three chapters. Still Something Rattles is available from Sock Monkey Press as of September 25, 2016.

“Full, satisfying, and ultimately redeeming, Degnan reminds us not only what poetry can do but what it must do,” says poet Nicole Callihan (Author, The Deeply Flawed Human, Deadly Chaps Press)

Playwright Erin Courtney, author of A Map of Virtue, says of Still Something Rattles, “Great poetry has a sense of humor, a deep love for the world, and a go for broke in the moment understanding of mortality. Terence Degnan’s poetry fulfills all of these delirious requirements.”

Box art by Ethan Crenson
Interior art by Morgan Lappin


Order Still Something Rattles Still Something Rattles @ $39.99