smp-015-cover-eNicole Callihan’s debut book of poetry is here (SUPERLOOP, Hardcover with fabric case binding; Sock Monkey Press, Febuary 2014, 72pp, $19.99US). Featuring gold foil stamp cover art by Re Jin Lee. To order, just click on the link below.

In the spirit of the Sock Monkey tradition, Nicole teamed up with the artist Re Jin Lee whose four delicately stark drawings depict a sapling braving the four seasons. The final effect accomplishes the goal that SMP set at its conception: the images, without fail, amplify the voice of the poems; the poems, in concert with the images, masterfully accent the utterance of the drawings they accompany. A confluence of the visual and the word brings forth a creation which courageously conveys what Nicole has been revealing about us, her listeners, to date.

We are honored to house this book of poetry. Nicole, with the same poise she has used to enthuse audiences for years, has gathered an awe-inspiring collection of poems. In February, after the turn of the year, SUPERLOOP will be launched at NYC’s Poets House. Nicole will be touring SUPERLOOP on the East Coast, and later in the Midwest during the Spring of 2014.  For more information about SuperLoop.

Order SuperLoop SuperLoop @ $19.99