Poetry @ Open Source Gallery – 26 September 7:30p

Thank you Open Source Gallery for hosting our upcoming poetry reading with Terence Degnan [A Small Plot Beside the Ventriloquist’s Grave], Nicole Callihan [forthcoming Super Loop], Jack Wilson [Enter to Exit (ep) – checkit!], and Margaret Coe [debut].

We’re excited for Nicole Callihan’s book release early next year. (Super Loop, Sock Monkey Press, 2014) at Poets House. Nicole is proof that poems shock forward from a mysterious ether. Terence Degan said he “was humbled to be part of the editing process of her manuscript.” Nicole will be one of the four poets reading for the first Sock Monkey Press sponsored event of the fall. She’ll be reading alongside Jack Wilson, Margaret Coe, and Terence Degnan. The event will be hosted by SMP’s founder Scott Adkins, an always gracious and jocular emcee. A link for the event can be found here:http://www.facebook.com/l/XAQFSGQCxAQFQ31RFObYpLP5AAXPq1mb7ZDcRIrPBzrvJYg/tinyurl.com/n3tktgx

It will be held at Open Source Gallery, who’ve kindly let us borrow their facility for the evening. Seating is limited, so if you are interested in attending, please RSVP to the event through the link (above). There will be complimentary spiked hot cider. For a list of other events being held at Open Source Gallery this fall, you can click on the link below:http://www.facebook.com/l/lAQHg7UBtAQEWEdhMS3_vM0oQm4Ax7VMEeoA6cbrWZwwKBg/open-source-gallery.org/

Event details:
Open Source Gallery
306 17th street, Brooklyn, New York 11215

Presenting Poets
–Nicole Callihan–Terence Degnan–
–Jack Wilson–Margaret Coe–

nicole-callihanNicole Callihan writes poems, stories and essays. Her work has appeared in, among others, Painted Bride Quarterly, Salt Hill, New York Quarterly, North American Review and Cream City Review and has been translated into German and Spanish. A Senior Language Lecturer at New York University, she lives in Brooklyn with her husband and daughters. Her first book of poems, Super Loop, will be published (woohoo!) by Sock Monkey Press (double woohoo!) in early 2014.




terence-degnanTerence Degnan is a poet and spoken word artist. His work is published in various literary magazines including Prime Number Magazine, The Other Herald, The Front Weekly and the OWS Poetry Anthology. His two spoken word albums, 2008′s BC & 2010’s Calling Shotgun were produced in Pittsburgh, PA, and Raleigh, NC, respectively. The Small Plot Beside the Ventriloquist’s Grave is Degnan’s first published collection of poetry. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and daughter.




jack-wilsonJack Wilson is a poet and hip-hop artist originally from Pittsburgh, PA, now residing in Brooklyn. He was involved with Pittsburgh’s National Poetry Slam teams for years, while also releasing music independently. In the year and a half since he’s lived in Brooklyn, he’s released an EP called Enter to Exit as well as been published in Sock Monkey Press’s My Apocalypse. You can hear more music at jackwilsonmc.bandcamp.com




margaret-coeWhen she was three, Margaret Coe announced that she planned to join the circus.  This went on for many years and included interesting ropes hanging from backyard trees as well as various costumes and acrobatics and attempts at juggling—even a short stint of balancing peacock feathers on her nose.  Imagine her parent’s relief when they could relinquish their fears of her walking a tightrope and instead hunker down with a nice cup of coffee and read the wonderful poems that began pouring out of her.  Margaret is excited about starting college next year and embarking on her career as a writer.